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Welcome to KPSE! 

Being one the 4 creators of this clan has really given me the opportunity to start not just a clan, but to start something special. When you join this clan, you will be rewarded with member status, able to send anyone online a message; including Admins and Leaders, and to just simply be apart of something bigger than just gaming. You see, for example, The Creatures on Youtube and think, "If I just had friends like that, I could become that famous too."  When joining this clan, not only will you experience the best of gaming, but rather have an entire KSPE army to back you up. Be aware that this clan is built on its members. What they want to put on here and what they wish to do will probably be the course of action taken.


Go to http://killstupidpeople.iclanw ... You will find a recruitment form. Apply to it, and fill out the questions. If one of the admins approves of it or not, you will get a private message. By your account name, you will see Mem. That means your a member. 


The ranks go in this order: Bearded God, Youtube/Leader, Leader, Guardian, Moderator, and Member. Bearded Gods are people who either own the website or people who help make it; they are also the ultimate rank. Disrespect a BG or the clan in any way, then punishment will smite you., Youtube/Leaders are Youtubers that feature this website; they also have Leader rank., Leaders are people who are admins on every server in this clan and are respected as an Admin, Guardians are like the knights at The Round Table, Moderators are people recognized by The Bearded Gods to be greater than Members. Members mean that The Bearded Gods have used their power to see what kind of person will become.


Respect any members higher than yours or reap the consequences. If you have problems with your account or any other person on the site, contact any Guardian, Leader, or Admins. Do not grief, hack, try to get free ranks in any way or you will pay for it. As for other rules, the same applies for any other servers and websites. 

And, of course, you have to believe in the POWER OF THE BEARD!!!


Currently, we have two; MSK and BCINS. We are trying to get them to be allies, but it doesn't look good.


We need more people and allied clans. If you have been a member of a different clan or just know any clan willing to join forces, then contact any Bearded God. People who finish these jobs will be rewarded with Moderator status.

We are working on getting a few other clans to either sponsor or become friends with us. If you know of any clans willing to sponsor or become allies, contact one of the Bearded Gods or Leaders.


We need Youtubers and people who record for Youtube or any other video sharing website to join as well. If you or one of your friends are willing to make videos or want to advertise this website, message and/or discuss it with me; http://killstupidpeople.iclanw ... .com/profile/2216164; or one of the Leaders. We already have one;; , check him out. He is amazing, and should have a much more following than what he currently has.

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We are working on a Minecraft server, currently. If you can either host or know of a friend or person able to host one, please contact one of The Old Spice Gods. You will be granted Moderator status.

Current Status
9th May 2014 · BG TheBeardGod · General News · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Currently, we are in need of people and of other clan allies. If you know of any people willing to join this clan, contact me; TrollMaster47 ; or one of my friends. If you know of any clans willing to become partners, or just willing to advertise us on their website, please contact one of the Admins or Leaders. 

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